Students discuss during an intensive seminar at FUB.
Students discuss during an intensive seminar at FUB.

The GSGP program involves a common study program, which is applicable to all PhD candidates and which will be carried out jointly by FU Berlin and selected Chinese partner universities. Furthermore, the universities require their respective doctoral candidates to pass a set of courses at the home university. This set of courses differs according to the respective home universities’ regulations. For the detailed curriculum of the PhD candidates enrolled at FU Berlin please click here.

Common Study Program

The courses of the Common Study program are designed to provide all PhD candidates with a profound overview of research methods and theoretical approaches to International Relations (IR) and global politics. They are accompanied by a colloquium, which fosters the doctoral candidates’ progress on their dissertations. As a special feature, several courses will be offered as online courses. Due to the exchange component of the program, the PhD candidates from both universities will spend the first four semesters together and jointly attend most of the required courses. This will provide them with a unique platform to meet and exchange ideas.

Please click here for the pdf version of the detailed common study program.


In the colloquium, the PhD candidates will discuss their dissertations and relevant research topics.

Theory I and II: Current Macro-Theoretical Debates in International Relations and their Applicability in Research and Comparing Strengths and Weaknesses of Theoretical Approaches to Global Politics

These two courses acquaint the PhD candidates with the most current theoretical debates on IR and global politics. In the courses, the doctoral candidates can identify and familiarize themselves with the body of literature that is most relevant for their dissertation. At the same time, the PhD candidates can ensure that their research focus is not only relevant to the current academic debate but also unique enough to enable eventual publication of their dissertations. Both are online modules, introduced by intensive seminars in Berlin and China.

Methodology: Designing and Conducting Social Research

Designing and Conducting Social Research is a course on social science methodology offered in the second semester. The course is accompanied by a tutorial allowing for further progress on the individual research track. The course is designed to provide the students with a good overview of qualitative and quantitative methods applicable to their own research design.

Further Courses at Chinese Partner Universities or FU Berlin

In addition to the above mentioned courses, PhD candidates complete courses according to their field of specialization at the Chinese partner universities or at FU Berlin respectively. Besides courses enlarging and training theoretical as well as methodological skills and providing more in-depth knowledge of their dissertation topics, students may take classes that build capacities in areas such as the preparation of academic research and presentations, advanced writing, and relevant languages such as German, Chinese, and English. The courses of the additive study program will take place complementary to the common study program during the first two years of the GSGP program.


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