Goals and Objectives

Beauty in the dark: Shanghai’s Pudong skyline at night. (Photo: GSGP)
Beauty in the dark: Shanghai’s Pudong skyline at night. (Photo: GSGP)

Learning Objectives

The common study program for PhD-students provides you with the ideal opportunity to gain insight into global politics by focusing on the links between Europe and East Asia. Your degree will be jointly awarded by two renowned universities, which will significantly enhance your global career prospects. Our aim is to educate you for success in exciting positions in academia, government, international organizations, and the media.

The program offers an interdisciplinary educational approach: expertise in relevant knowledge fields and the improvement of your soft and intercultural skills.

This is the skill set you will take away:

Knowledge Skills

The program of the Graduate School of Global Politics aims to convey a thorough understanding of current issues and interdependencies within global politics relevant for your distinctive PhD-project. Our two modules on theories in International Relations will help you to comprehend, critically analyze, and evaluate trends in international politics. While writing your thesis, we provide strong training in research design and methodology for your field of research and expertise. Furthermore, you will pick and choose elective courses at FU Berlin and the partner university, which will enable to broaden your academic knowledge and also to gain insight into two different university systems.

Soft Skills

To meet the requirements of today’s job market, it is necessary to further develop your professional skills. You improve your time management and project management skills during your studies. You will develop leadership skills in multinational teams via our interactive assignment structures, and intercultural skills through your interactions with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds. All of these skills are necessary for your personal and career development, including future interaction within different fields of professionals.

Intercultural Skills

Your fellow students will join you from around the world with different professional backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. You will work together in multinational teams during your assignments with many opportunities to share and exchange perspectives. After your studies you will become part of our larger CGP alumni network, joining more than 1000 professionals from around the world.