Gong Weila


PhD Candidate FU Berlin

"China’s clean energy innovation policy and central-local relations"

Program Student GSGP

Address Freie Universität Berlin
Email weila.gong@fu-berlin.de

Gong Weila is a full-time PhD Candidate at Environmental Policy Research Centre. Her dissertation examines how and why some Chinese cities have succeeded while other failed at implementing low-carbon policies. Globally cities are on the front lines of dealing with greenhouse gas and air pollution issues, particularly Chinese cities that are growing rapidly. Steps Chinese cities take to become truly low carbon will ultimately determine China's success to address climate change emissions. Through the case studies of three cities - Shenzhen, Nanchang and Xiamen - the research seeks to bring a more nuanced understanding to how China’s pioneer low-carbon city model contributes to China’s climate governance and the bottom-up approach in the world. She has done extensive field research in China, Germany and the U.S..

Previously, she received an Master of Law (2011) and an Bachelor of History (2009) from Sun Yat-sen University.

Grants: PhD Scholarship by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)