Bettina Hückel 贝迪娜


PhD Candidate FU Berlin

"The Perception of the European Union in China"

Program Student GSGP

Address Freie Universität Berlin

Bettina Hückel is a PhD-candidate at the Graduate School of Global Politics since October 2011. The topic of her dissertation is the Chinese perception on EU-China relations, with Prof. Yan Jin (Renmin University of China) as supervisor.

The goal of Bettina´s research is to provide insight into the “black box China” by linking China Studies with International Relations. Her research emphasizes the translation and analysis of original Chinese scientific literature, traditional and new social media as well as field research in China.

Bettina has studied Business, Economics and Politics at the University of Portsmouth, Tilburg University and Sciences Po Paris. She studied Mandarin at the University of International Business and Economics as part of the EU-China Managers Exchange and Training Programme sponsored by the European Commission and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Before that, she has been working for five years as a product- and project manager at ING Bank and as a financial analyst at KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers in Amsterdam and South Korea.

Her publications include:

  • "Theory of International Relations with Chinese Characteristics - The Tian-Xia System from a Metatheoretical Perspective" in Diskurs - Journal for interventions in the Social Sciences and Humanities, 2012-2, p.34-64