Prof. Zhuang Liwei


School of Overseas Chinese and International Studies

Jinan University


Field of Activity

Professor for Politicical Science

Address 601 Huang Pu Da Dao Xi
510632 Guangzhou, China
Telephone +86-20-85222227

Zhuang Liwei is a Professor of Political Science at the School of International Studies, Jinan University. He received a doctorate from Peking University in 1997.

Prof. Zhuang is the director of the Center for African Studies of Jinan University, the Executive Member of the Council of China Society for Southeast Asian Studies, and the Vice President of the Guangdong Humanities Society.

His research interests focus on social change and political development in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, comparative ethnic studies, globalization and world society.

Prof. Zhuang is also an active columnist and news Commentator in several popular newspapers and magazines in China, such as Southern Metropolis Daily, Southern Wind Window, and Southern People Weekly.