Prof. Shi Yinhong

Shi Yinhong small

Center for American Studies

School of International Studies

Renmin University


Field of Activity

Professor for International Relations

Address Zhongguancun Street No.59
100872 Beijing

Prof. Shi
is Professor of International Relations and Director of the Center for American Studies, Renmin University of China in Beijing. His previous positions include Professor of International History at Nanjing University (1993-1998), the Associate Dean of School of Humanities of Nanjing University (1995-1998), and Professor of International Relations and Director of the Center for International Strategic Studies at International Relations Academy, Nanjing (1998-2001). Prof. Shi received a Ph.D. in international history from Nanjing University in 1988. He mainly engages in research and teaching on theory and history of international politics, strategic studies, and foreign policies of both China and the United States. He has published seven books, including From Napoleon to the Vietnam War: Lectures on Modern Strategy (2003); International Politics: Theoretical Exploration, Historical Survey, and Strategic Thinking (2002), New Trends, New Structure, and New Norms: the 20th Century’s World Politics (2000), The Origins of Confrontation and Conflict: U.S. Policy toward the Communist China and the Chinese-American Relations, 1949-1950 (1995), U.S. Intervention and War in Vietnam, 1954-1968 (1993), and 240 articles, many of them had wide influence in China and some were influential internationally. He teaches at Renmin University of China several postgraduate courses, including Theories and Thoughts on International Relations, Modern and Contemporary International History, Classical Readings on International Politics, Grand Strategy: Theory and Practice, World Structure and the State’s Strategies, Modern Strategic Thinking: From Napoleon to the Vietnam War.