Prof. Heng Quan

Bild_Quan Heng

Institute of Economy

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS)


Field of Activity

Professor for International Relations

Address No.220, Handan Road
200433 Shanghai, China.
Telephone 8621-53060606-2204,2514

Prof. Quan is a Ph.D and professor of economics, research fellow at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences(SASS). He is now working as Director of the research coordination office at SASS, Assistant Director to Institute of Economics, SASS. He has been to Harvard University, Nehru University and Taiwan University as a visiting scholar. Currently he is also serving as Contributing Researcher for Development Research Center of Shanghai Municipal People's Government. He has been long engaged in extensive research about economic development and income distribution problems, poverty reduction and development issues, and urban and regional economic development matters as well as income disparities. And he has authored a great number of books such as Modern Analysis of Income Distribution and Economic Growth: Theory and Experience from China’s Transition; Income Mobility and Free Development: Study on Income Mobility and Income Distribution of Urban and Rural Residents in Shanghai; A Comparative Study of Economic Development Mode between India and China: Perspective of Development Economics;  the Win-win Logic Relations of Labor-capital.