Prof. Dr. Kaiyan Shen

Shen Kaiyan

Institute of Economy

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS)


Field of Activity

Professor for Comparative study on China and India

Address No.220, Handan Road
200433 Shanghai, China.
Telephone 8621-53060606-2501

Prof. Shen is a Ph.D and professor of economics at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences(SASS). She is working as Deputy Director of the Institute of Economicy at SASS. Her main reserach areas are macroeconomics, China’s economic reform and development, and China-India comparative studies. Her research resulted in a great number of books such as '20 20years Economic Reform and Development of India" (2011), 'A Comparative Study of Economic Development Model - China and India’s Economic Development Comparing' (2008), 'Operation and Development of China’s Futures Markets' (2003); and 'Focus on Metropolis' (2002).